About Us

Our journey studying martial arts began in 2001 when Ben Hernly began studying karate as a first grader in a program at IPS 91 under Sensei Jeanie Gensheimer. Soon the whole family was studying karate where ever Sensei Gensheimer offered classes. In time we began helping Sensei teach, then taught classes for her program, then starting teaching classes of our own. We now teach at eight locations, including two studios, five IPS schools, and at our Sensei’s dojo located at the Riviera Club.

Beth Hernly, Vince Hernly, Ben Hernly and Emerson Hernly

Shorei Goju Ryu

This History of Shorei Goju Ryu

Shorei Goju Ryu is an American blend of two different Okinawan karate styles: Shuri Te and Goju Ryu. Developed by founder Robert Trias in the years following WW2, the style was first taught in his Arizona Dojo in 1946. As Master Trias continued to add to his knowledge, the style morphed and changed through the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Shorei Goju Ryu includes kata from Shorin Ryu (Pinan, Naihanchi, etc); Goju Ryu (Sanchin, Saifa, Seipai, Seiunchin, Tensho); as well as kata developed in the USA by Master Trias and others (Nekobudo, Hebino, Shudoso).

We study Kata and Bunkai (analysis of self-defense principles of kata); escapes from holds and grabs, joint manipulations, takedowns and throws, and sport sparring. At higher levels we study grappling; defense against multiple attackers, and those wielding weapons; kobudo, traditional weapons such as the bo, sai, tonfa, kama, nunchaku, and eiku; and pressure points.

Student Creed:
I will build true confidence through knowledge of the mind, honesty of the heart, and strength of the body.
I will offer Friendship to others and strive to build a strong community.
I will, as a black belt, win the battle within myself and never fight to achieve selfish ends.

Dojo Kun:
Karate begins and ends with courtesy.
Actions have consequences.
We lead by example.
We are responsible.
Therefore, there is not excuse for bad manners.